From developing our first prototype in the 1970s to The Positive Cup strategy of today, we have been learning how to integrate sustainability into our business. Looking to the future, we are seeking ever closer alignment of our ambitions and goals with the Sustainable Development Goals – the global priorities towards 2030.


Prototypes of the first system to deliver barista-quality coffee at home are developed


Our revolutionary system of portioned coffee was born with machines and capsules designed to deliver an exceptional cup of coffee


The first Nespresso capsule recycling programme is introduced in Switzerland with 34 collection points


Nespresso joins the collective recycling system in Germany with the support of Duales System Deutschland


Designed to improve farm practices and promote the supply of sustainable quality coffee, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program is launched, in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance


A detailed lifecycle assessment of a cup of Nespresso highlights the relative significance of Scope 3 – emissions that occur within our value chain but that are not owned or controlled by Nespresso


We set out our plan towards 2013 for Creating Shared Value:

  • 80% AAA coffee sourcing
  • 75% capsule collection capacity
  • 20% GHG emission/cup


The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) for responsible aluminium sourcing and stewardship is launched


The 2009 plan was achieved. And supported by a CHF 500 million investment, The Positive Cup goals and ambitions were announced:

  • Total company engagement
  • Resilient coffee farms and communities
  • End to end sustainably managed aluminium
  • Integrated actions on climate change


Nespresso launches the Vertuo system – providing additional sustainable consumption opportunities with long-cup, high-quality coffee at the touch of a button


USAID and the World Bank become the first partners to join the Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund (NSIF)


The first Creating Shared Value report is published in accordance with GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, is launched


The Positive Cup Hub, a digital platform to engage stakeholders in sustainability topics material to our business goes live


An important milestone to review the progress on our Positive Cup ambitions and goals


Our continued contribution towards the SDGs

Our Positive Cup ambitions seek to contribute to 11 of the 17 SDGs and descriptions of these are outlined below.
Two of these goals (SDG 12, Sustainable Consumption and Production, and SDG 8, Decent Work and Inclusive Growth) set the direction for the role of a consumer products company such as ours, while the others are material to our value chain and business principles.


Icons depicting Nespresso's involvement in the UN Sustainable Development Goals